YouTube blind with greed

YouTube will create a hullabaloo if any video is posted where in background some song is playing. The reason – to protect the interest of the song owner.

But when it comes to ads they turn a blind eye to the interest of the viewers.

There is this app which promises personal loans fast and easy. But they uses photo of Narendra Modi. Which is misleading.

Narendra Modi himself also don’t know for sure that he is promoting an app and that too a Chinese app 😀

Beware, they will be “making you loan”. So once you apply you will become a loan 😀

A very strange and interesting email id. A phone number of Delhi but address of Hyderabad.

The privacy policy has an unconventional url and there is probably nothing else in that server

More interesting is the Domain registration details. Which reveals the domain is owned by some Chinese.

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