YouTube blind with greed

YouTube will create a hullabaloo if any video is posted where in background some song is playing. The reason – to protect the interest of the song owner. But when it comes to ads they turn a blind eye to the interest of the viewers. There is this app which promises personal loans fast and easy. But they uses photo of Narendra…

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Snack Video ki to lag gayi

The same type of target audience, same kind of clips, same canned laughter (sounds like someone having some pulmonary disorder) indicated that Snack Video has same origin as that of TikTok. They had spent a lot money promoting Snack Video after TikTok got banned. But the recent Indian Govt. ban made all that effort and money a waste 🙂. The best part…

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Youtube suggestion. Error or intentional?

Youtube suggested an old TV serial between an article on Android app development. This means either of two things – either their algorithms has gone bad or they are tracking actively. I suspect the tracking as I had been watching that serial on YouTube a few days back